Tyler Coe Presents Business Assets in Divorce: Overcoming Top Challenges


Family law attorney Tyler Coe was the featured presenter in a National Business Institute webinar on March 13, 2019 on the topic of business assets in divorce. He regularly represents owners of closely-held businesses, executives, and medical professionals with mid-to-high value assets in divorce and family law matters.

Specific areas the presentation covered:
• Business Interest Difficulties: Separate vs. Marital
• Business Records: Is Everything There?
• Finding Hidden Assets: Top Complexities to Overcome
• Valuing the Business - Understanding the Methodologies Used
• Valuation Challenges: Agreeing on the Right Approach
• Business Valuation Report: Discrepancies, Undervaluing, etc.
• Buyouts vs. Sale vs. Dissolution - Difficulties with Property Division and Support
• "Double Dip" Complications and Avoiding Future Adjustments
• Unintended Tax Burden Dangers

For more information on these topics or others related to divorce and family law, contact Tyler at 515-288-6041.


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