Steve Tyler Presents on Antitust Issues to Construction Professionals


Whitfield & Eddy Law attorney Steve Tyler, a member of the firm's construction practice group, spoke to construction professionals about antitrust law. His presentation to members of the Associated General Contractors, "Overview of Antitrust Law," discussed how to protect and promote competition in the commercial marketplace.

Construction industry Antitrust Law Questions

  • History of antitrust law, construction, the Sherman Act (1890) and Clayton Act (1914), and enforcement by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission
  • Illegal conduct, including price-fixing, bid rigging, market division / customer allocation, group boycotts, and excluding conduct designed to create a monopoly
  • Violations and criminal penalties
  • Tips and warning signs for potential antitrust issues and ways to avoid antitrust issues

For more information about construction law

Contact Steve Tyler at 515-288-6041 or by email with any questions about this presentation or construction maters.



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