Tyler Coe Presents Co-Parenting Tips and Tricks to Iowa School Counselors Association 


Divorce and family law attorney Tyler Coe presented "Tools for Schools: Co-Parenting Tips and Tricks from a Divorce Lawyer" at the Iowa School Counselors Association Annual Conference "20/20 Vision: School Counselors are the Future" on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased hostilities between divorce or separated parents. Not only do Iowa school counselors face increased pressure to help students in person and remotely during this global pandemic, but they also field questions from parents and guardians. This often leads school counselors with differing opinions from students, parents, guardians, and school districts.

Tyler's presentation provided tools for counselors for responding to all the people school counselors serve each day.

Tips for school counselors working with parents involving custody:

  1. Find out if there is an existing court order;
  2. Determine if the parties have joint legal custody
  3. Ask if the parties have spoken with their attorneys regarding COVID-19 back-to-school disputes;
  4. Avoid offering professional or personal opinions so the school counselors do not becomes witnesses in the cases;
  5. Assume that every e-mail sent and received will be seen by a court

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For more information on these matters, contact Tyler Coe at 515-288-6041. Learn more about the Iowa School Counselor Association at their website.


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