Gary Goudelock Presents "Employees: Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat" to Corporate Counsel Audience


Attorney Gary Goudelock presented "Employees: Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat" to members of the Iowa State Bar Association and Association of Corporate Counsel, Iowa Chapter, at the virtual 8th Annual Corporate Counsel Forum on November 17th, 2020.

Goudelock's presentation included information and tips on the following subjects:

  • Cybersecurity
    • Definitions for businesses
    • Cost for U.S. businesses
    • Cost of cyberattacks in the U.S. including expense, downtime, litigation, reputational harm
  • Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers
  • Why Employees Are Targets
    • Psychology
    • Social engineering
    • Trust and desire to be helpful
  • Types of Cyberattacks
    • Phishing - general target inquiries
    • Spear Phishing - specific target inquiries
    • Whaling - high value target inquiries
    • Brute Force Hacking - attempts to overwhelm computer systems
    • Social Engineering - designed attacks based on knowledge of organization and targets
  • Remote Work Cyber Risks
    • Setup not secure
    • Multiple devices
    • Increased data sharing
    • Lack of IT support
    • Lack of budget
  • Ways to mitigate risks
    • Cybersecurity training
    • Enhanced client requirements for hardware, software and access
    • Cyber Insurance

Contact Gary Goudelock at 515-288-6041 for more information about how you can address cybersecurity in your business.



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