Tyler Coe Presents "Mental Health Professionals: In or Out of Court?"


Tyler Coe presented "Mental Health Professionals: In or Out of Court" at Mosaic Family Counseling Center, Inc., on Monday, October 5, 2020. 

The discussion and group work among attendees centered around legal requirements and key areas for mental health professionals to pay attention to when treating their patients.

Legal Terms for Mental Health Professionals 

  • Definitions, purposes, rules and requirements of subpoenas
    • Definitions of "undue burden" or expense on a person subject to a subpoena
    • Reasons for objection to a subpoena
    • Quashing or modifying a subpoena
  •   Duties in response to a subpoena
    • Documents kept in the ordinary course of business
    • Form for producing electronically stored information not specified
    • Electronically stored information produced only in one form
    • Inaccessible electronically stored information
  • Claiming privilege or protection
    • Information withheld under a claim that documents, communication, or tangible things is privileged or subject to protection.
    • Information produced and preservation of all information until the claim is resolved
  • Contempt of a person who fails without adequate excuse to obey the subpoena which may fines or jail time
  • Iowa Code 622.10 - communications in professional confidence and exceptions required to consent to release of medical records after commencement of legal action and application to court.
    • Routine client information
    • Necessary and proper information to discharge your function as a mental health professional
  • Constitutional right to privacy and exceptions
  • Mental health records and divorce 

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