Transportation Executive Summary: Industry Focus on Fallout Over US Supreme Court Decision on Arbitration


Trucking and transportation companies across the U.S. have relied upon arbitration agreements to resolve disputes among shippers and carriers and with independent contractors. Recently, the United States Supreme Court held that independent contractors are subject to a “contract of employment” and thus arbitration cannot be compelled based upon the language of the Federal Arbitration Act. New Prime, Inc. v. Oliveria, No. 17-340 (Jan 15, 2019).

The Labor and Employment and Transportation Practice Groups at Whitfield & Eddy held a joint meeting to discuss this important case and its impact on the transportation industry. The presentation focused on the decision and other recent case law of import to the transportation industry.

For more information, contact John F. Fatino, Transportation Practice Group Chair, or Drew Gentsch, Labor & Employment Practice Group Chair, at 515-288-6041.


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