Construction Law Update: Iowa Legislature Adopts New Limitation On Actions Regarding Construction Defects


Recently, Governor Reynolds signed a new law, Senate File 532, which describes itself as an action “Relating to notice and opportunity to repair construction defects in new construction, and including effective date and applicability provisions.” The Act creates Iowa Code Chapter 686, which limits a party’s ability to bring an action unless notice is given and an opportunity to repair is provided. A copy of the Act is available at the Iowa Legislature website.

The Act, because of its importance, took effect immediately. See Act at Section 8. The action applies only to class actions regarding new construction defects. See Act at Section 7. Otherwise, for the specific timelines involved, see Section 3 of the new Act. The Act, however, does not apply to actions which were not on filed as of the date of the Act became effective.

Contact John F. Fatino for more information about this Act and construction related matters at 515-288-6041.



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