Welcome to 2020 Law Clerks


Whitfield & Eddy Law welcomes Summer Law Clerks Elaina Steenson, Clark Butler, Logan Namanny, Katelyn Kurt, Elizabeth Shaw, and Trevor Jordison. Ms. Steenson, Ms. Shaw, and Mr. Butler return from the firm's 2019 Summer Associate program. Ms. Steenson, Mr. Butler, Ms. Namanny, Ms. Kurt, and Mr. Jordison attend the Drake University Law School. Ms. Shaw attends the University of Iowa College of Law.

Trevor Jordison

Logan Namanny

Katelyn Kurt

Elaina Steenson

Liz Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw

Clark Butler

Mr. Jordison and Mr. Butler are members of the Drake Law School Cady Law Opportunity Fellow Program, which provides students with mentorship, leadership training, and internships with Des Moines-based companies and law firms. Mr. Jordison will spend the second part of the summer with Wells Fargo. Mr. Butler spent part of the summer with Wells Fargo in 2019.


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