Divorce and Family Law News: Canine Care During the Pandemic, Work From Home, Return To Work and More


For many households, dogs quickly become family members. Our dogs travel with us, bring us comfort, and share our beds. During divorce proceedings, dogs often become part of settlement agreements. As some dogs transition between homes post-divorce, pet parents must provide dogs with extra support. Additionally, COVID-19 presents a new twist on dog care as pet parents return to workplaces. This month, Dr. Lisa Takes of Pet Starch Hospital and University West Pet Clinic offers advice regarding canine care.

How do I prepare my dog for when I Return to Work 

A gradual transition to change the routine for your dog is key for when you return to work after working from home for an extended period. Try slowly adapting the routine by giving your dog something to do, like a Kong Toy. Start with leaving for a half hour, then an hour, then a couple of hours. 

What are Signs of a stressed or anxious dog

If you have an anxious or stressed dog, routines are very important. When you know a situation will be changing, start to adapt your routine gradually  to make things seem similar over time. Destructive behavior is the most common sign, such as pacing, whining, or reverting to not being housebroke with urination or defecation. 

How do I use a crate or kennel my dog?

When couples are divorcing or have divorced, one pet parent may want to use a kennel or crate for when the dog is not home while the other may not. If you have a puppy, and they are used to a crate, you can continue since it is their sanctuary or safe place. If they have not been in a crate, it can cause anxiety. 

To introduce a crate or kennel, leave the door open, make it a positive experience and include food, water, and treats. Over time close the door and start to leave for short periods and increase the duration over time.

Watch an interview with dr. lisa takes, veterinarian in des Moines, iowa.

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