Diana Miller Speaks at Divorce From Start to Finish Seminar

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Whitfield & Eddy Law divorce and family law attorney Diana Miller presented on important topics at the National Business Institute "Handling the Divorce Case From Start To Finish" in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday, December 12, 2019.

Diana Miller presented "Gathering Social Media, Text and Email Evidence," including information best practices for popular social media and online communication.

  • Social Media Sites and Apps - What to Look for and Where to Find It
  • What to do if Message, Posts or Accounts Have Been Deleted
  • Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and More
  • Whose Smartphone/Tablet is Discoverable?
  • How to Subpoena Mobile Phone Carriers for Records
  • Retrieving Texts from Messaging Apps
  • How to Get Email Evidence
  • Preservation and Spoliation Considerations
  • Authenticating and Getting Your Posts, Emails and Texts Admitted

She also presented "Discovery, Evidence and Experts - Finding Hidden Assets and More," about best practices for managing and recovering financial information.

  • Financial Affidavit/Disclosures
  • Interrogatories, Requests for Admission and Requests for Production
  • Managing Time and Expenses in Discovery
  • Finding Hidden Assets
  • Working With Experts - Custody Evaluators, Guardians Ad Litem, Financial Experts and More
  • Direct and Cross-Examination - Quick Tips and Sample Questions
  • Depositions in Divorce
  • Authenticating and Admitting Evidence in Divorce


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