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Arbitration and mediation can save both sides in a dispute the expense and time of pursuing court action. For example, you can broker a solution that may not have been possible in a court. You may achieve a better outcome than you imagined when you employ arbitration or mediation. Attorneys will present this option to their clients as a strategically viable and potentially preferable strategy. 

Our construction attorneys in Des Moines serve as arbitrators or mediators (or advocates in either) and can help you pursue the resolution of a civil lawsuit. Whether you require a decision related to a project or business, you want a professional who can see it to conclusion.

Consider Arbitration for Your Dispute

Arbitration is a private process where a Whitfield & Eddy construction attorney works with the parties on the dispute as a third-party neutral or as your advocate. As an arbitrator, evidence and arguments are presented by the sides in a much quicker and less formal manner than in court. Further, arbitration is typically less expensive than going to trial in court. Upon completion, the arbitrator makes a binding and enforceable or non-binding decision among the parties.  

We have attorney members of the American Arbitration Association including a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, a distinguished group of arbitrators whose expertise in this field of Alternative Dispute Resolution is recognized worldwide. This broad experience as arbitrators makes us even more effective when we are your advocate in an arbitration.

Arbitration and Mediation Services

Learn more about our arbitration and mediation services, how we can help, and why we have earned a reputation for excellence throughout the state of Iowa, the Midwest, the United States, and internationally. 

We have successfully arbitrated or mediated hundreds of construction cases ranging from residential construction to multi-million dollar commercial, government, and industrial projects. Additionally, we have acted as a panel arbitrator throughout the United States on significant matters involving real estate contractual claims.

What Services Do Our Mediators Offer? 

In addition to offering services as mediators, we can serve as an advocate for you when a separate third-party neutral is employed to provide mediation services. We work hard to find the most optimal outcome for your dispute and seek ways to broach compromises that put you in the most advantageous position moving forward. We have received specialized mediation training, have significant industry experience in these negotiations, and are focused on your interests. 

The mediation services we provide include: 

  • Advising on the legal aspects of a case
  • Accompanying you to your mediation and offering an analysis of the deals presented
  • Acting as a court-appointed mediator

Mediation helps to avoid the courts or arbitration, potentially resolve your case sooner, ultimately saving you both time and money. 

Why Choose Construction Mediation? 

We are committed to delivering efficiency to approaching legal matters, best serving the interests of our clients, often through mediation. Our membership in the American Arbitration Association and the College of Commercial Arbitrators serves as a testament to our reputation as fair and thorough arbitrators and mediators.  

We seek practical and efficient solutions to dispute resolution through patient and thoughtful mediation. With decades of construction-related experience, we understand industry practices and provide sound representation so that you can to return to day-to-day business as quickly as possible.  

Contact Whitfield & Eddy Today to Discuss Arbitration or Mediation 

Find the right lawyers for your arbitration or mediation at Whitfield & Eddy. We can assess your situation and provide guidance regarding your case. You will be happy with how your case resolves when you can trust the process with us in your corner. 

The right firm. The right fit.

Get in touch with Whitfield & Eddy today by making an appointment to discuss arbitration and mediation options with us. 



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