Workers' Compensation


Our attorneys represent employers and their insurers in administering and defending claims made by employees. We have defended cases for both large employers and small businesses as well as for third party administrators and insurers. We have represented employers in claims ranging from scheduled injuries for loss of a thumbnail to severe injury, industrial disability and death cases. We advise employers from the first date of a reported injury and determination of compensability through settlements, hearings and appeals to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, District Courts, and Iowa Supreme Court. We also represent workers and employees who have wrongfully been denied workers’ compensation benefits.


  • Appeals of Workers’ Compensation Commission decisions
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution
  • Contested cases
  • Pursuit of indemnity or subrogation claims
  • Representation of employers in bad faith litigation arising out of administration of workers’ compensation
  • Representation of employers in hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Commission
  • Settlements

Cases and Transactions

  • Successfully represented a claimant in obtaining a settlement for bad faith administration of workers’ compensation benefits after two successful appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court.
  • Successfully defended extra-contractual claims for bad faith in the administration of workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Obtained penalty benefits on behalf of claimants.
  • Successfully defended cases in which penalty benefits were claimed.