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Mediation can provide savings on time and expense for both sides of a family law dispute instead of pursuing court action. A mediator, for example, can help parties reach a solution without the time and expense of appearing in court before a judge. Clients are often counseled by attorneys that mediation can be a strategically viable and potentially preferable strategy. You may walk away with a better outcome than you expected when you enter into mediation with a family law attorney.

Our family lawyers mediate client disputes sin Des Moines and Mount Pleasant and can help you pursue mediating conflict. Whether you require a decision related to custody, assets, property, or other family law claims, you want someone who can advise you on the fairness of the terms you are being offered—you need someone on your side. A mediator provides a balanced assessment of the proposed agreement and can help you decide if you should move forward. 

We can help you, too. Learn more about our Des Moines and Mount Pleasant lawyers assisting clients with mediation and why we have earned a reputation for excellence throughout the state of Iowa. 

What is Family Law Mediation? 

Our family lawyers advocate for you and seek the most optimal outcome, including ways to reach compromises that put you in the most advantageous position moving forward. Our attorneys approach mediation with the same proactive focus that they employ in all legal matters. Plus, they have received specialized family law mediation training and have experience in these negotiations. 

The mediation services we provide include: 

  • Advising on the legal aspects of a case
  • Accompanying you to your mediation and offering an analysis of the deals presented
  • Acting as a court-appointed mediator

Pursuing mediation can help you avoid backlogged court dockets and resolve your case more swiftly than waiting for a court date, which will save you both time and money. 

Why Choose A Family Law Mediator? 

Our attorneys are committed to serving the interests of our clients, which means considering the most efficient means of approaching legal matters. Often, that includes mediation. Our lawyers have developed well-earned reputations as fair mediators when conflicts arise. You can count on our integrity and attention to detail to serve us and our clients well in such matters. 

We seek solutions to our clients' legal situations that fit their goals and life. Our attorneys have patience and look for the right answer, not just the most expedient one. When you select us as your legal team, you get lawyers who care about your needs, with the knowledge to give you excellent legal representation.  

Contact Whitfield & Eddy Today to Discuss Family Law Mediation 

Find the right family lawyer for your mediation case at Whitfield & Eddy in Des Moines or Mount Pleasant, Iowa. We can assess your situation and give you the advice to manage your case and communicate your options throughout the process.

The right firm. The right fit.

Get in touch with Whitfield & Eddy today by making an appointment to discuss mediation options with us. 



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