Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys in Iowa


Clients look to Whitfield & Eddy for lower-cost approaches to dispute resolution as litigation costs can exceed the amount at stake in a particular case. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a viable option for clients and our attorneys are recognized leaders in this field.

Attorneys have served as neutrals in mediations and/or arbitrations include:

  • Gary Goudelock, Jr.
  • Denise Hill
  • Steve Marso
  • David Phipps
  • Mark Rice
  • Anjie Shutts
  • John Templer

Attorneys also have experience in NASDAQ securities arbitration, and are familiar with the AAA rules with regard to arbitrations. We have experience in settlement negotiations and court-sponsored settlement conferences and related services available to litigants at low or no cost in state and federal court.

Cases and Transactions

  • We have successfully mediated or arbitrated hundreds of construction cases involving everything from residential construction to multimillion dollar industrial projects.
  • We have acted as a panel arbitrator throughout the midwest on significant matters involving real estate contractual claims.
  • We have successfully mediated a resolution in numerous family law matters.



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