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Stricter lending standards instituted since the Great Recession demand greater legal knowledge to protect your company. When you provide lending services, you need the proven services of attorneys who understand your business goals and advise you on how to achieve them.

Whitfield & Eddy can assist you with all your legal needs related to commercial lending as our attorneys have extensive experience in the commercial financing arena. We can assist: 

  • Community and national banks
  • Credit unions
  • National financial institutions
  • Insurance companies

A wide range of businesses require commercial lending assistance. At Whitfield & Eddy, we help you work with all types of businesses and seek to avoid disputes over legal terms. With our guidance, you and your customers remain on the same page. 

Commercial Lending Attorney Services

Compliance is a top concern for commercial lenders. Our team stays aware and current with changing regulations and will alert you of new guidelines and rules that could impact your transactions. 

Our comprehensive services encompass all your legal requirements. With our assistance, you can reduce the risk related to secured and unsecured credits. We approach every transaction proactively, aware of potential pitfalls and strategically protect your interests. Trust our team to help with document preparation, structuring financial transactions, and intercreditor arrangements. 

Other services we provide include: 

  • Counsel on environmental concerns
  • Registration of security documents
  • Streamline credit facility delivery for your customers

Whatever you need, we can provide it. The security of your company and lending practices remain our top priority, and we'll use our broad base of knowledge and experience on your behalf. 

Why Select Whitfield & Eddy for Commercial Lending Legal Services? 

Our law firm is recognized in Iowa and throughout the Midwest for our outstanding commitment to our clients and the exceptional results we deliver. We approach every transaction with care and precision. Our full range of services include corporate law, litigation and real estate. When you partner with us, you get dedicated and persistent legal representatives who can help with many facets of your business. 

We understand how to address complex issues, and our attorneys love rising to a challenge. Our reputation has grown based on our exceptional results, receiving recognition from such prestigious publications as Chambers USA and Best Lawyers in America

The more than 40 lawyers in our firm work collaboratively to help our clients, relying on digital tools and technology to craft innovative strategies leading to positive solutions. Get the outcome you desire when you use our services to achieve your business's lofty aims. 

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With reliable legal counsel, your commercial lending business will stay focused on servicing clients. Whitfield & Eddy can minimize your risks and maximize your customers' satisfaction with our complete services. 

The right firm. The right fit.

Contact us today to set up an initial appointment to discuss your commercial lending needs with our attorneys. 



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