Collaborative Divorce


Fact: People Divorce. But We Can Change the Way Divorce Happens.

Through Collaborative Law, couples don't have to face the uncertainty of a court proceeding, but instead can work together with their attorneys to resolve disputes or dissolve their marriage with dignity and respect. The process provides both parties with an opportunity to address their concerns through an open, loving, problem-solving approach designed to allow couples to maintain a cooperative relationship with one another that is beneficial to the parties and, if children are involved, to them as well.

Focus on Positive Communication

Collaborative Law focuses on the specific needs of individuals involved through the use of positive communication that encourages mutual respect and allows the parties to maintain control of the process.

Three Principles for Collaborative Law

1. A pledge not to litigate.
2. An honest exchange of information by both spouses.
3. A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and their children.

Whitfield & Eddy Has Four Certified Attorneys

We have a strong commitment to family law and work with local attorneys on a broad range of matters. Contact practice area chairs Anjela Shutts or Diana Miller for more information about whether Collaborative Law is an option for you.

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