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When people are ready to actively engage in the estate planning process, they seek guidance to navigate the complex decisions necessary to build a more secure future and plan for their estate. Careful planning and thoughtful discussion ensures compliance with federal and Iowa tax laws, and maximizes the distribution of your property, money and assets to your beneficiaries. Whether providing bequests to family members or creating a charitable trust, advance planning sets you up for the future by determining a beneficiary for every part of your estate. An experienced Iowa estate planning lawyer can walk you through each step of the process and give you peace of mind for the future. Where challenges arise, our litigators work to counsel and resolve disputes in compliance with your directives.

Whitfield & Eddy estate planning attorneys assist you with probate matters and represent you in trust administration. Estate planning may seem overwhelming, however, we work with you to navigate this planning with confidence and protect your family and assets.

What Planning, Estate and Trust Services Do We Offer

A complete estate plan provides a roadmap to your family and beneficiaries for the management and distribution of your wealth and assets after your death. Our process is more comprehensive than just making a will—estate plans take into consideration the different types of assets you may own and the most efficient manner to pass those to the next generation while achieving your estate planning goals.  Our attorneys understand the nuances and potential pitfalls of this process as well as lawsuits that may arise, so you can have complete peace of mind. 

Whether you are planning your estate distribution, contesting a will in Iowa, or need assistance with probate or trust administration and litigation, Whitfield & Eddy can help. After a death, we work with fiduciaries of estates and trusts to ensure the correct distribution of assets and pay debts, taxes and other expenses.

Services our estate planning team provides include: 

  • Identify estate planning goals and objectives
  • Prepare trusts, wills, and powers of attorney
  • Establish and administer guardianships and conservatorships
  • Administer estates and trusts
  • Coordinate sales of assets
  • Oversee business succession planning
  • Litigate challenges
  • Guidance on Iowa inheritance laws

Why Choose Our Trust and Estate Lawyers? 

Whitfield & Eddy is known throughout the Des Moines area and the state of Iowa for our careful attention to detail and thorough execution. When you use our estate planning services, you can feel confident that your assets will be distributed the way you wish. We will provide high-value services and issue easy-to-understand updates to keep you advised on developments in the law. Our wills and estates attorneys regularly work with client advisors including professionals specializing in accounting, tax, wealth management, and business valuation.

The lawyers at Whitfield & Eddy also provide reliable, clear advice on matters ranging from complex litigation and real estate to business issues. You can retain each of our services as needed to meet all your legal necessities. We have a well-earned reputation within legal circles, as proven by our many accolades in publications including Chambers USA, U.S. News & World Report, and Best Lawyers in America

We regularly work with clients including:

  • Individuals and families, including high-net-worth estates
  • Business Owners and Managers
  • Farmers and agricultural business owners

Even with the best-laid plans, conflict among families can arise based on intent, execution of plans or removal of assets (financial, personal or real property). Our litigators are able to advise and represent individuals and families to resolve disputes involving incapacity, undue influence and pre-death transfers, among others. 

Get in Touch With Our Trust and Estate Attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa

We offer the individualized attention you deserve as our client. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the estate planning process and help with probate, trust and litigated matters. You can trust us to deliver services you can rely on while planning or carrying out your wishes. 

The right firm. The right fit.

Get in touch with Whitfield & Eddy today to make an appointment for your estate and trust needs. 



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Iowa Wills, Trusts and Estates Resouces

Iowa Wills, Trusts and Estates Resouces

  • How to Contest a Trust in Iowa
    People have several options regarding leaving their assets and possessions to others after death. Many are familiar with the concept of a will, which outlines a person's wishes for their assets. A will takes effect after a person dies. It moves through probate court and becomes part of the public record.

    A person can also create a trust to dictate how they want their assets to be distributed. While some trusts take effect after a person's death, others—called living trusts—may be effective while an individual is still alive. One of the benefits of a trust is it skips probate, so beneficiaries and heirs may get access to their inheritance faster.

  • Estate Planning Myths
    Estate planning is the process of gathering any assets you have, such as any financial accounts, real estate, and heirlooms, and planning how you will distribute those assets to your beneficiaries. During this planning process, you and your estate-planning attorney may also plan to determine powers of attorney, and health-care plans that you may not have the ability to discuss if you are incapacitated.
  • Estate Planning in Iowa in 6 Steps
    Making an estate plan may not be something you've thought about before you've accumulated assets and have a responsibility to care for your family. You may have a vague plan of what would happen to all of your property and financial assets if you passed away, but how do you ensure your plan comes to pass? And how do you execute it?
  • Contesting a Will in Iowa
    A last will and testament is a document that mandates how the State distributes a person's property to their beneficiaries after that person’s death. The laws pertaining to a person's will differ from state to state.

    Knowing the basics of the probate process in your state is important for anyone dealing with a loved one's parting wishes. In the case of mismanagement or inaccurate dealings, some people choose to challenge a will. However, this is no simple task, and a lot goes into successfully contesting estate litigation

  • Creating a Farm Succession Plan
    It is important for farmers and ranchers to create comprehensive succession plans, however many family farmers who plan to retire do not have a farm succession plan in place. Farm owners must start sooner rather than later to ensure a plan that benefits their goals and the desires of their family.

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