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Insurance is available for almost any situation in life. As a result, insurance coverage issues arise in a broad range of areas including auto, life, health, disability, business, property and casualty, and workers compensation. Individuals and businesses purchase insurance to protect their interests and select their coverages based on their particular needs with the help of agents and/or insurance company representatives.

When claims arise, our attorneys have assisted both insurance companies and individual insureds in examining the applicable provisions and evaluating whether coverage applies. Based on our evaluation, we issue coverage and/or reservation of rights letters on behalf of insurers and make demands for coverage on behalf of insureds. When informal efforts are unsuccessful, we have zealously represented both insurers and insureds in coverage and bad faith litigation.

Coverage determinations sometimes lead to litigation over the applicability of the policy and scope of coverage provided. Insurance Company representatives make decisions daily based on the evidence in front of them. Based on investigation findings and applicable policy language they may decide not to pay or not pay a claim or suspend the claim investigation. Sometimes when their clients (insureds) are unhappy with a coverage decision, they may claim that the insurer acted in bad faith when denying coverage. Bad faith claims raise the potential for coverage beyond the policy limits and punitive damages. Consequently, when defending against bad faith claims, experienced legal representation is critical. 

Whitfield & Eddy Law has insurance defense lawyers you can trust. Our team has knowledge based on years of experience in the field, and we understand how to protect our clients and mitigate risk during a bad faith trial or mediation. 

We focus on securing the best results for your issue so you can maintain your focus on providing the best services to your clients. Our team handles all coverage analysis issues, first- and third-party bad faith claims, and helps both insured and insurance carriers with complex problems. Trust us for complete services that give you peace of mind. 

Bad Faith Litigation Services We Provide

Whitfield & Eddy Law attorneys can help with a range of insurance-related issues. In addition to using our attorneys for litigation, you can also rely on us to help you avoid pitfalls that could lead to court cases. Our lawyers can consult on policy terms—we base our input on practical, careful consideration of the law, placing you in the best position with your clients. 

Other services we offer include: 

  • Consulting on claims practices
  • Claim investigation
  • Claims file auditing
  • Policy coverage review and consultation
  • Coverage opinions and reservation letters
  • Coverage and bad faith litigation and appeals

Sometimes an outside eye can help you find new ways to solve problems. Our attorneys have traveled to companies across the country to perform in-house audits of practices and procedures used by claim departments. 

Why Select Whitfield & Eddy law for Your Litigation Needs? 

Our bad faith litigation practice in Des Moines has earned the trust of many insurance carriers for our practical approach to the law and attention to detail. Clients appreciate the reasoned, approach we bring to every interaction, and we consider all facets of an issue before recommending action. We search for innovative solutions and seek ways to protect your interests now and from what could arise in the future. 

At Whitfield & Eddy Law, we employ digital technology to help our clients, taking advantage of tools and processes that can increase efficiency. Our effectiveness has garnered attention from many nationally recognized publications, such as Chambers USA and Best Lawyers in America. Our top priority is making our clients happy by getting the best outcomes—your satisfaction is our goal. 

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Whitfield & Eddy provides the confidence valued by clients in resolving insurance coverage issues and any related disputes. We handle legal issues professionally, and deliver the value you expect in professionals retained to bring your matters to resolution. 

Protecting your rights and financial interests means finding the right legal representation.

The right firm. The right fit.

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