John Fatino Speaks at Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers Annual Seminar

Des Moines, Iowa

John F. Fatino, a member attorney Whitfield & Eddy Law, and 1991 graduate of Drake University Law School, spoke at the 60th Annual Seminar of The Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers in Des Moines, Iowa on February 24, 2022. Fatino, a fellow in the Academy, presented the Iowa Appellate Case Law Update which focused on the “top ten” Iowa Supreme Court cases decided during the Court’s last term.

The cases discussed include:

  • Freer v. DAC, Inc., 951 N.W.2d 6 (Iowa 2020)
  • Wagner v. State, 952 N.W.2d 843 (Iowa 2020)
  • Kostoglanis v. Yates, 956 N.W.2d 157 (Iowa 2021)
  • Valles v. Mueting, 956 N.W.2d 479 (Iowa 2021)
  • Rieder v. Segal, 959 N.W.2d 423 (Iowa 2021)
  • Koster v. Harvest Bible Chapel-Quad Cities, 959 N.W.2d 680 (Iowa 2021)
  • Liquor Bike, LLC v. Iowa Dist. Ct. for Polk Cty., 959 N.W.2d 693 (Iowa 2021)
  • Buboltz v. Birusingh, 962 N.W.2d 747 (Iowa 2021), reh'g denied (Aug. 25, 2021)
  • Godfrey v. State, 962 N.W.2d 84 (Iowa 2021)
  • Calcaterra v. Iowa Bd. of Med., 965 N.W.2d 899 (Iowa 2021)

Membership in The Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers is limited to 250 attorneys whose primary dedication is to trial practice.

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