Jonathan Kramer Speaks About Writs, Garnishments, and Levies

Des Moines, Iowa

Attorney Jonathan Kramer was a speaker at the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association 2023 Civil School wherein he presented on and answered questions about a variety of topics related to writs, garnishments, and levies.  Kramer also attended the Civil School as the attorney panelist during the end of school Q&A session.

Kramer is a regular speaker on a variety of legal topics and his practice includes financial matters, planning, transactions, and litigation. He regularly serves as client counsel, a consultant, receiver, expert witness, or counsel to experts or receivers.

About the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association

The Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association’s mission is to promote the positive role of law enforcement throughout the State of Iowa; support its members in the multi-faceted aspects of the office of Sheriff; educate its members by providing quality training and assistance; and protect the public through community outreach and legislative actions.



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