Nick Cooper Named President of Polk County Bar Association 2020 — 2021


Attorney Nick Cooper begins his one year term today as President of the Polk County Bar Association (PCBA). Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the PCBA is the largest bar association in the state of Iowa with over 1,200 members including judges, private practitioners, government officials, and corporate legal counsel.

Among its efforts, the PCBA is proud to have established the PCBA Volunteer Lawyers Project which provides free legal representation to low-income residents of Polk County, closing well over 1,000 cases per year. The PCBA further partners with numerous local schools on annual basis to have K-12 students learn and participate in law related projects. The PCBA provides free continuing education to its members, numerous annual social events and much more.

Nick has been active in the PCBA, most recently serving as President-Elect (2019 — 2020). He has previously served as Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, a member of the Board of Directors, and Co-chair of the Polk County Young Lawyers Division. He has been active in the PCBA Volunteer Lawyers Project including President (2011— 2014), Vice President (2010 — 2011), and Board Member (2008 — 2014). He has held numerous leadership roles at Whitfield & Eddy Law, including Executive Committee Chair from 2016 — 2019.

Learn more about the PCBA and Volunteer Lawyers Project at their website



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