2024 Summer Associates at Whitfield & Eddy Law


Whitfield & Eddy Law welcomes first- and second-year law students as summer associates. The 2024 class includes Jasmine Carbin,  Abigail Goulding, Shay Slifka, Maddie Meister, and Laurel Curtiss. 

The Whitfield & Eddy Law summer associate program participants actively work with our attorneys and practice groups on a variety of projects designed to promote pursuit of their interests in the law. In addition to learning and practicing the practical application of their law school studies, they participate in an array of workshops, seminars and social events designed to promote engagement and interactions within the firm and community.

Jasmine Carbin, Abigail Goulding, and Shay Slifka return from the firm's 2023 summer associate program. Jasmine and Abigail attend the Drake University Law School. Shay returns from the firm's 2022 program and attends the University of Iowa College of Law with Maddie Meister and  Laurel Curtiss.


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