John Templer Presents Construction Manager at Risk for Public Owners in Iowa

West Des Moines, Iowa

Construction attorney John Templer presented "Construction Manager at Risk for Public Owners in Iowa" to members of the Construction Specification Institute on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 in West Des Moines.

construction manager at risk in iowa Program summary:

In 2022 the Iowa legislature enacted new Iowa Code Chapter 26A. Chapter 26A for the first time allows public owners in Iowa to employ the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) form of project delivery, and further authorizes “cost-plus” Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts. This program will explain how the CM at Risk process works under Ch. 26A, including an explanation of the subcontracting process.

Construction manager at risk project information

In the program, participants had a number of learning objectives:
1. Understand the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) project delivery process according to Iowa law.
2. Identify the typical documents used in CMR project delivery.
3. Advise clients and employees when (or if) this form of project delivery should be used.
4. Describe the CMR delivery process to clients and colleagues.

For more inforamtion

John Templer is a contributing author of the "Public Owner's Guide to Legal Issues on the Bidding and Award of Construction Contracts in Iowa." Contact John Templer at 515-288-6041.



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