Craven Presents About 811 Utility Mislocates with Contractors

Des Moines, Iowa

Attorney Luke Craven presented at the first North America Conservation and Drainage Expo (NACADE) January 17—19, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa. His presentation, "811 Mislocates, What Happens to the Contractor When 811 Mislocates a Utility," included important areas for contractors including:

  • Iowa law requiring land owners or excavators to call 811 prior to any work below 15 inches in depth (Iowa Code Chapter 480)
  • Responsibility of underground facility operators to locate and mark utilities they own and operate 
  • Types of notices and requests 
  • What can happen with failure to mark, improper locates, or failure to address all potential utilities
  • Steps to take prior to excavation
  • Steps to take after an excavation incident (Iowa Code Section 480.5)

About the NACADE

The Soil and Water Enhancement Committee with the NACADE advises contractors and practice installers, but also farmers, end users, farm managers, ag lenders, and other organizations. 

For more information

Contact Luke Craven for more information about this and other contractor-related topics.



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