Anne Reser-Moorehead Presents at 2024 Farm Transition Conference

Ames, Iowa

Anne Reser-Moorehead was a presenter at the 2024 Farm Transitions Conference in Ames, Iowa on February 9, 2024 hosted by the Iowa State University Beginning Farmer Center. 

Her presentation, "Finding Balance - Estate Planning With a Crowd," addressed effective estate planning for farm owners due to the complexity created when multiple children or beneficiaries are involved. She delved into the unique challenges facing farm families including partition disputes and attendees discussed relevant legal strategies available to facilitate a smooth transition.

About the 2024 farm transitions conference

The 2024 Farm Transitions Conference was held in Ames, Iowa on February 8-9, 2024. The focus of the presentations and discussion included farm transitions, including current trends, business, tax and management strategies for operators. Topics also included estate planning including available legal tools, potential tax implications, and farmland appraisals. Learn more at the conference website.

about anne reser-moorehead

Anne Reser-Moorehead is an attorney practicing in Whitfield & Eddy’s estates, wills, and trusts practice group, litigation practice group, and real estate practice group. In her practice, she supports clients in estate planning, preparation of trusts, wills, and powers of attorney, trust administration, and probate. She also assists with residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate transactions, and related entity needs. 

Contact anne reser-moorehead

You can contact Anne by phone at 515-288-6041 or by email.

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