Justin Sullivan Presents on Construction Subcontracting Issues to Cornerstone Academy

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Whitfield & Eddy attorney Justin Sullivan presented "Who's Actually Working for Your Subs? The Dangers of Sub-Subcontracting & More" at the Master Builders of Iowa Cornerstone Academy in Cedar Rapids on March 12, 2021.

Cornerstone Academy is a leadership development program for Iowa construction professionals including topics such as insurance, finance, safety, ethics and law, human resources, environmental issues, leadership, project management technology, industry education, and public affairs.

Sullivan's presentation included information about important topics for construction companies and contractors such as:

  • Contractual Liability (what the contract says you or the other party are liable for)
    • Indemnity causes
    • Labor and subcontracting
    • Subcontractor(s) contractually agree to insurance
    • Sub-Sub-Sub contract issues including actual labor, workers compensation, commercial general liability and related issues
  • Insurance coverage (workers compensation and general liability)
  • Duty to defend (insurance or contractual defense agreements) 
  • Policy exclusions 
    • General appearance
    • "Your Work" exclusions and subcontractor exception
    • Cross-liability exclusions and independent contractor exclusion
    • Prior work / damage exclusions
    • Roofing exclusions
    • Earth movement exclusions

Contact Justin Sullivan at 515-288-6041 or by email sullivan@whitfieldlaw.com for more information.



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