Kay Oskvig Presented “Shielding Lawyers and Banks – Client Representation and Legalized Marijuana”


Kay Oskvig presented “Shielding Lawyers and Banks – Client Representation and Legalized Marijuana” at the Polk County Bar Association and Drake University Law School General Practice Continuing Legal Education Review on November 13, 2020.

The American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates recently passed two resolutions seeking to alleviate ethical challenges for lawyers and financial institutions. Oskvig’s presentation summarized developments when a lawyer or financial professional advises clients or handles funds relating to marijuana sales that are legal under state law or regulations, but not federal law or regulations.

Oskvig primarily advises clients regarding labor and employment issues. She is also a member of the ABA House of Delegates. Oskvig is one of four Delegates from the state of Iowa. In this role, she represents Iowa’s legal community, attending ABA meetings, voting sessions, and gathering feedback and concerns from Iowa lawyers. 

For questions on the ABA, House of Delegates, or employment law matters, contact Kay Oskvig by email or call 515-288-6041.



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