Matt Jacobson Speaks About Manufacturer Warnings At Products Liability and Complex Torts Regional Seminar

Minneapolis, MN

Litigator Matt Jacobson was a speaker at the recent ALFA International Products Liability & Complex Torts Regional Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 9, 2023. The seminar was attended by ALFA member law firm attorneys and regional products manufacturing and distribution business executives.

His presentation "Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!! Are Your Warnings Enough" addressed areas of interest for business leaders relating to products liability including:

  • Restatement (Third) of Torts §402 — Product Liability
    • Manufacturing Defect
    • Design Defect
    • Inadequate warnings and instructions for products manufacturers and distributors 
  • Risk management strategies
    • Product warning tags and instruction manuals
    • Labeling compliance with government regulations
    • Operator's manual and safety tags compliance with industry standards
    • Documenting important customer communications 
  • Notice of incident strategies
  • Relevant examples of strategies and outcomes

about Matt Jacobson

Jacobson is a regular speaker on products liability topics across the country at ALFA seminars and other events. He frequently counsels product liability clients on strategies to avoid and defend product liability lawsuits.

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