Attorneys Oskvig and Fatino Present on COVID-19’s Impact on Transportation Industry


On April 30, 2020, attorneys Kay Oskvig and John Fatino presented a webinar regarding COVID-19 and the transportation industry. The presentation was entitled: “COVID-19 Employer Update – Keeping up with the Regulators.”

Oskvig focused on the new federal legislation and regulations adopted in the wake of the virus. Fatino focused on the federal and state regulations which have relaxed certain requirements on motor carriers and their drivers.

The webinar was sponsored by the Iowa Motor Truck Association. Founded in 1942, the association represents over 700 member companies including a broad range of trucking operations and employ thousands of Iowans. The speakers gratefully acknowledge the invitation to speak from the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

For more information about the laws and regulations arising from COVID-19 and its impact on the transportation industry, contact Fatino or Oskvig at 515-288-6041.


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