Iowa Workforce Development Requires New Employment Notice


Iowa Admin. Code § 871–22.19

In response to the federal CARES Act, Iowa Workforce Development (“IWD”) issued a new regulation effective July 23, 2020. This new regulation requires employers to notify their employees of the availability of unemployment insurance, upon termination of employment. The notice must inform employees that:

(1) unemployment insurance benefits are available for unemployed workers who meet Iowa’s eligibility requirements,
(2) employees can file a claim as soon as their employment is terminated or when their hours are reduced,
(3) these claims can be filed online or by telephone with IWD, and
(4) employees have to provide certain information (i.e., full legal name, social security number, authorization to work, last employer name and address, start and end dates of last employment, any additional information requested) for IWD to process the claim.

Employers may need to revise their termination documents and procedures to comply with this regulation. A copy of the regulation can be found here.

For more information, please contact Kay Oskvig (515-288-6041, or review IWD’s press release here.

Elaina J. Steenson, J.D. Candidate, Drake University, assisted in the preparation of these materials.


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