Zach Hermsen Named Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers


Attorney Zach Hermsen will be inducted as a Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers at the Academy’s 62nd Annual Seminar on February 22-23, 2024 in Des Moines, Iowa. Fellowship in the Academy is limited to 250 attorneys who have displayed exceptional skills and the highest integrity, and who have dedicated their professional lives primarily to trial practice. Membership is by invitation only, upon sponsorship and recommendation from peers and judges and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors.

He joins the following Whitfield & Eddy Law attorneys who are also Fellows in the Academy: Stephen D. Marso, Stephen E. Doohen, John F. Fatino, Thomas I. Henderson, David L. Phipps, Thomas S. Reavely, Jaki K. Samuelson (President, 2013), and Bernard L. (Jerry) Spaeth, Jr.

Learn more about the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers by clicking here to go to their website.



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