Tyler Coe Presents "Our Mental Health" to Bar Association


Attorney Tyler Coe presented to members of the Polk County Bar Association on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 about mental health.

In his presentation, he noted that the COVID-19 pandemic brings a whole new importance to learning and utilizing appropriate mental health considerations for attorneys and clients. He addresses mental health challenges individuals face and coping strategies.

Topics of the presentation included:

  • Definitions of mental health and mental illness
  • Examples affecting mental health
  • Mental health awareness and treatment
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Engagement in good behaviors
  • Anxiety and stress coping strategies

Tyler Coe is a mental health advocate and frequent speaker on the subject to lawyers, professional associations, educators, therapists, and care givers.

Outside of his practice of law, Tyler is president of the Please Pass the Love board of directors. The organization works with Iowa schools to help students and families navigate the school mental health journey through research and evidence-based strategies and frameworks. 


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